Added Benefits of a Home Security System

Published on February 25th, 2020

If you’re researching home security systems in Franklin Park, you may already be thinking about what you can do to protect your family, property, and valuables. Though personal safety and theft may be at the top of your priorities, there are many additional benefits to installing a security system in your home. Here are some added value features you may not have already considered when safety is at the top of your priorities.

Save on Homeowners Insurance

In almost all circumstances, homeowners insurance is a mandatory feature of buying a home. While this may be a frustrating expense to pay out every month, it can be a lifeline if your property is affected by catastrophic circumstances. Opting to install a security system can help with your bill, potentially discounting the total by as much as 20%.

Improve Your Property Value

A working security system is a very attractive feature for potential buyers if you decide to sell your home. As you try to find a buyer, the online listings and open houses scheduled by your agent will bring added attention to the property—this is great for selling your home, but also a significant security risk. If you decide to move before a final sale is made, it’s advisable to keep the system active until a new buyer can take over.

Peace of Mind on Vacation

If you’re planning a trip, you may be looking for ways to protect your home at a distance. Some options would be to look for a house sitter or to put a timer on indoor lights. Homeowners with a security system can focus on enjoying their vacation, knowing their property is being watched over. Depending on the level of sophistication, your security system may even enable you to visually confirm the state of your home from a mobile device.

Energy Efficiency

While setting specifications for your home security system, you may choose to take advantage of remote-access smart home features. While ease may be at the heart of your decision, being able to affect the lights, heating, and air conditioning in your home from your mobile device is more than just convenient. This level of control is likely to encourage you to use your resources more efficiently, resulting in significant energy savings.

SMG Security offers a range of home security systems in Franklin Park and surrounding areas to help protect your investment. Contact us today to request a free consultation.

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