Are Home Security Systems Worth the Money?

Published on December 29th, 2020

Buying a home is typically the biggest investment you’ll make in your life. That fact alone should be a clear indication that, yes, having a home security system installed is worth the money. Security companies have moved beyond burglar alarm systems and security cameras.

The rate of home burglaries has actually dropped dramatically over the last decade. The value of modern security systems rests in the fact that they can keep you safe from a variety of dangers. Protecting your home from fire, water, and carbon monoxide via monitoring services justifies the cost security systems all on their own.

While you might already have a smoke detector installed, what happens if it rings out while you’re on vacation? By monitoring your home even when you aren’t there, security systems keep your property safe around the clock. If you’re lucky, the alarms will never ring. But US fire departments respond to more than 300,000 structure fires every year.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing your largest investment will always be safe is invaluable. But let’s consider some actual figures to see if a home security system really is worth the investment. On average, homeowners insurance costs $60 less every year with a security system. Insurance companies all offer different discounts, but you could save more than $150 annually.

While burglaries are less common than they used to be, security systems are more common than ever. The correlation doesn’t prove that security systems are responsible for the decrease in home invasions. However, a UNC Charlotte study demonstrated that the vast majority of burglars look for security systems. And they avoid homes that have them.

The average cost for homeowners that fall victim to a burglary is more than $2,000. By installing a home security system, you dramatically reduce the likelihood of incurring that kind of expense. More importantly, you avoid the psychological impacts that come hand-in-hand with an intruder breaking into your home. Even if you aren’t home for a break-in, it can make you question your safety for years to come.

On a more positive note, today’s security systems can do far more than ward off intruders. Many offer home automation features that allow you to control, lights, locks, appliances, and more. Often, you can monitor security cameras with your smartphone from anywhere in the world. And you can receive alerts in real time if any issues arise.

For more reasons than we can count, home security systems are definitely worth the money. They protect your investment and your family from intruders and disasters. Plus, they provide you with a peace of mind that really is priceless. SMG Security specializes in security systems for homes in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Reach out to today for a free estimate!

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