How To Keep Your Business Safe From Break-Ins

Published on August 27th, 2019

Having a business is a massive responsibility with tons of moving parts. You have to maintain the storefront, keep employees happy and, of course, focus on making a profit. In addition to the above, the pitfalls of external factors such as an unexpected burglary must also be considered. Many people focus on ensuring the security for their homes with locks and burglar alarms in Chicago, but your business needs protection, too. Here’s a list of protective measures you can take.

Illuminate Your Property

Research shows that businesses may be more vulnerable to theft than residences. One of the best and most beneficial ways to caution burglars is to install adequate lighting around your business. Keep the property well-lit and consider installing motion-activated lights around your entryway to alert you of unexpected activity.

Protect Your Valuables

You should use alarms and safes to protect any valuables you keep in your business’s brick-and-mortar shop. Some alarms can also automatically contact the police if there is motion around your business at odd hours. Additionally, keep your valuables secured in a safe that can protect your documents and money from any potential damage, including water or fire damage.

Always Lock Up

All doors and windows should be locked securely when you close up shop, and you may want to consider metal grates for the more vulnerable windows. If you are installing new windows, doors, and locks, ask your local locksmith about the best options to keep your business secure. You should also make sure your employees are aware of how to lock up and enable any security systems in place.

If you need to install a burglar alarm in Chicago for your business, contact SMG Security today and we will help walk you through the process. We can’t wait to work with you to secure your business!

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