Central Station Services

SMG Security Systems Operates Our Own UL Approved Central Station

Unlike most other alarm companies that subcontract their services, SMG Security has full control of your system with our central station. A central station is another name for an alarm monitoring center. Why would you put your trust into a company to protect your property, employees, family and possessions, but then contract out one of the most important aspects of the system – the monitoring? At SMG Security, our knowledgeable and experienced support staff is always watching over the systems put in place to keep you safe.

Having a local alarm installed means that should your fire, smoke, or burglar alarms in Schiller Park in Schiller Park be triggered, it will only activate on-site and authorities will not be notified unless someone sees or hears the alarm and then proceeds to call the police or fire department. The benefit of a central station is that any alarm that is connected to the central station will instantaneously inform the alarm company monitoring it 24/7 when it is triggered and they will immediately contact the correct authorities. This is especially helpful if no one is on-site, but even still it is one less thing to worry about in case of an emergency for those on-site.

Being UL approved means that global safety certification company Underwriters Laboratories certifies that their specific central station standards relating to safety, sustainability, and more have been met. UL is licensed to perform safety testing on behalf of the U.S. government’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

SMG can monitor the following services:

  • Burglar Alarms
  • Fire Alarms
  • Medical Alert Alarms
  • Panic/Hold Up Alarms
  • Alarm.com Radio Monitoring

Central Station Services Elk Grove Village

Protect your establishment with interactive services and you can also receive text messages and email alerts about any activity relating to your business that you choose. Feel free to call our central station at any time, 24/7, and we will get your questions or concerns answered and your problems solved.

Upgrading to new equipment or integrating your current business security systems with our central station can provide you peace of mind by knowing that the proper authorities will always be notified should your burglar alarm near Schiller Park or other systems be triggered during an emergency. Contact SMG Security for your free security consultation today and learn more about how central station services can give your business a potentially life-saving edge on local alarm systems.

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