Cellular Elevator Phone Lines

Cut the Cord

If you are currently paying for an elevator land line phone, you are incurring unnecessary charges. At SMG, we offer a cellular elevator phone line and 24-hour monitoring services that can save you as much as 50%, with an average savings of 35%, over traditional land line service. In addition to being sustainably cost effective, cellular service is also more reliable than your current land line service.

Why is Cellular Service More Reliable?

The use of cellular phone lines, whenever possible, is advocated by most elevator companies. Power outages are to blame for most passenger entrapments, and traditional landline phones are often affected by these outages – disrupting vital communication. Cellular communication is considered more dependable in the event of a power outage, especially in the case of a natural disaster like a tornado or an earthquake.

The cellular phone in an elevator doesn’t stop working even if mobile service in the area is knocked out. An activated cellphone is always transmitting small bursts of radio waves as it searches for a tower to which in can connect. When rescuers are searching for disaster victims, those invisible emissions become a rescue beacon, signaling the possibility of survivors in a particular location.

Why You Should Choose SMG Security to Replace Your Elevator Phones

There are many other companies that provide cellular phones to replace the landline phones you currently use, and they are all compatible with all elevators. However, when you call on our experienced team of security experts to make the switch, you will only have to pay for a low cost installation, and you will have access to our state-of-the-art 24/7 monitoring services.

We also offer a complete suite of security solutions including fire alarm monitoring, electronic access control, cyber security, camera systems, and AES Intelli-Net networks. Furthermore, all our business security systems in Chicago can be integrated through our secure central station, where we serve both small companies and large corporations representing a wide variety of industries.

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If you are seeking ways to cut cost without reducing reliability, contact us about replacing your elevator landline phones with new cellular phone service and 24-hour monitoring. We are proud to provide unparalleled security solutions backed by the best customer service team in the industry. When security and safety matter, call on SMG to provide innovative, customized, security services that are specifically designed to meet your needs as well as your budget.

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