Cellular Elevator Phones and
Monitoring Services

Keeping Chicago safe has been the driving focus here at SMG since we opened our doors over 30 years ago. Our city has roughly twenty-two thousand elevators, each of which has the potential to fail and trap its occupants inside. When that happens in your building, a reliable phone system and monitoring service ensures that the fastest possible response times to get the passengers to safety.

SMG’s cellular elevator phones offer a number of benefits over traditional landline elevator phones:

  • Improved safety: no physical lines that can be damaged
  • Improved reliability: 100% uptime
  • Included battery backups in case of power failure
  • Lower costs: save an average of 35% on monthly fees
  • No installation or activation costs
  • Compatible with virtually all elevators

Homes across the globe are replacing landline phones with cellular devices for their convenience, reliability, and low costs. When outdated technology delivers worse service at a higher price, upgrading is the only logical decision. If your building’s elevators still rely on landlines, call us today at 847-593-0999 to start saving.

State of the Art Elevator Monitoring Services

Upgrading your elevator phones is the first step in protecting your elevator passengers and securing savings for your business. But even cellular elevator phones are only as effective as the service on the other line. When you turn to SMG for your elevator monitoring services, you’ll receive:

  • Customized service based on your specific needs
  • 24-hour service without interruption
  • Access to digital recordings of all calls
  • Offsite backups for improved reliability
  • Compliance with all ADA requirements
  • Lifetime warranty

Our elevator monitoring services can manage both landline and cellular technologies. And we adjust the service to meet the specific needs of each client. For example, we’re happy to accommodate requests about how we answer calls as well as your preferred notification method.

Our operators are familiar with requirements outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act and the national elevator phone code. As a result, we’re able to serve physically, visually, and speech impaired individuals.

Although we’re one of the leading fire alarm companies in Illinois, fire is only one of the many risks from which we protect our clients. Contact us today at 847-593-0999 so we can help keep your elevators safe, too.

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