Cyber Security For Small Businesses

Published on April 29th, 2020

Our ever-evolving online marketplace has provided many new opportunities for small businesses. Unfortunately, with these updates come additional challenges from bad actors seeking to collect private information. Many small businesses that experience a security breach are unable to recover. When it comes to cyber security near Schaumburg, your system is only as strong as its weakest link. Here are changes you can implement today to begin improving your readiness for a cyber attack.

Strengthen Your System with these 5 Steps

  1. Create Strong Passwords
  2. Though regular users may prefer the ease of a simple, memorable password—so do criminals. Every user should make sure their password follows best practices and are suggested to change it every 90 days.

    – 10+ characters total
    – At least one uppercase letter
    – At least one lowercase letter
    – At least one special character
    – At least one number

  3. Update Your Antivirus Software
  4. Break the habit of hitting ‘Ask me later’ when prompted for software updates. Oftentimes, software updates are triggered by newly discovered gaps in security. Skipping system, antivirus, or antispyware updates can be detrimental to your readiness for an otherwise preventable attack.

  5. Secure Your Network
  6. Bad actors are more likely to attack networks that are open and readily apparent. Password-protecting access to your router is critical to shielding your business from outside threats. It’s also recommended that you hide your Wi-Fi network, which can be set to ‘invisible’ in your wireless settings.

  7. Protect and Back Up Your Data
  8. In the case of a cyber security attack, having external copies of your files may be your businesses’ saving grace. Left unattended, laptops, drives, and other devices can be an easy target for theft. It’s best to lock up your devices when they’re not in use.

  9. Educate Employees
  10. Even solid systems, installed and maintained by professionals, can fail in the face of a socially geared attack. Some hackers abuse the trusting nature of their victims in order to gain system access. Employees should be trained to recognize phishing attacks, to utilize smart browsing practices, and to create strong passwords.

Cyber Security in Schaumburg

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ for businesses in Schaumburg, Franklin Park, Schiller Park, Chicago, or another nearby area. Different operations will need different solutions. If you are ready to begin improving your company’s readiness for a cyber attack, call the experts at SMG Security for a professional assessment.

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