Examining Commercial Fires: Causes & Prevention

Published on October 20th, 2020

Fire Alarm System in Bensenville
Those who have lived through a devastating fire know the true cost of such an event. In best-case scenarios, possessions are all that is lost—and even then, things of personal value may never be recouped. When a fire occurs in an office building, warehouse, or another kind of commercial space, the results can permanently cripple the business. Today, we’ll walk through some of the most common causes of commercial fires and how to prevent them.

Heating Malfunctions

Depending on what climate you live in, your heating system may be an essential part of your business’ functioning. Poorly maintained furnaces, fireplaces, hot water heaters, radiators, and other types of systems may cause fires.

Solution: Hiring qualified professionals to conduct regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs can help ensure that your heating system is performing its best.


It is a fact of life that careless acts are bound to happen from time to time—including those that result in fires. Failing to replace old extension cords, dispose of cigarette butts carefully, turning off heating units, or blowing out candles are all examples of human error which can lead to fire.

Solution: Conducting regular training on fire safety can help emphasize best practices in the workplace. Additionally, screening your employees for conscientiousness at the hiring stage may help limit the potential of a preventable fire.

Kitchen-Related Accidents

Restaurants and office buildings with full kitchens have an increased fire risk. Gas stoves, microwave ovens, toasters, dirty ductwork, and un-emptied grease traps can cause catastrophic fires under certain conditions.

Solution: Following best practices, manufacturer instructions, and hiring professionals to service your equipment can help reduce the risk of a kitchen fire happening on the premises.


Arson, or unlawful fire-setting, is sometimes committed by those looking to conceal another crime, disgruntled employees, or angry customers. Some of the most common sites for arson to begin are bathrooms, garages, trashcans, or open areas on the property.

Solution: Only a criminal is responsible for their actions; however, security cameras and well-placed anti-fire measures can limit the spread of intentionally set fires.

Fire Alarm Systems in Bensenville

While taking reasonable precautions can help minimize the possibility of a fire, there is no way to completely eliminate it. Fires can still happen unexpectedly and spread quickly if they are not immediately addressed by trained professionals. Installing a fire alarm system in Bensenville is the best way to ensure that fires at your business are detected early and responded to as fast as possible.

SMG Security has been designing, installing, and servicing fire alarm systems in Bensenville for over 30 years. We can help you protect your business, employees, and customers from the threat of fire. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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