Dispensary Security

In order to prevent the theft of inventory, funds, and unauthorized intrusion, the State of Illinois has outlined stiff security requirements for cannabis dispensaries.

As of January 1, 2020, Illinois law allows for the sale of both medical and recreational cannabis. Prospective business owners must submit a dispensary security plan in Illinois as part of the license approval process. At SMG Security, we are well-versed in the security requirements put forth by the State of Illinois. We can help ensure that your dispensary meets those requirements, keeping your location compliant with the law and protected from illicit activity.

An Overview of Illinois’ Security Requirements

  • Dispensary security plans in Illinois must include measures which will prevent and detect the diversion, theft, or loss of cannabis, currency, or unauthorized intrusion. Examples of the required measures include (but are not limited to): perimeter alarms on all entry points; security shatterproof tinted film on all perimeter windows; a panic button and after-hours intrusion detection alarm.
  • Marijuana dispensaries are required by law to use commercial-grade equipment installed by a licensed private alarm contractor or agency.
  • A dispensary is responsible for seeing that all system equipment is maintained and tested on a regular basis.
  • Recordings must be contained at a secure location in order to prevent theft, loss, destruction, or alterations.

What SMG Security Offers Dispensary Owners

Camera systems

Our closed-circuit TV (CCTV) systems allow dispensary owners to keep an eye on their business, even when they’re not nearby. We can provide you with simple, failsafe storage and archiving solutions that are compliant with the Illinois State law. The interactive software that comes with our CCTV systems is compatible with thousands of different devices.

Access Control

We install several different types of access control systems which can assist in restricting areas of your dispensary to authorized personnel. Our access control systems include fingerprint readers, proximity card detectors, and smartphone Bluetooth systems. These systems can be easily managed, allowing owners to add, edit, or delete individual area privileges for employees.


SMG Security installs AES-IntelliNet alarm monitoring systems. AES-IntelliNet utilizes wireless mesh technology, eliminating the possibility of cellular jamming and phone line cuts. AES-IntelliNet systems provide a direct, wireless link between a business’ alarm panel and a central station, delivering the quickest signal response time possible.

Monthly Inspections

Regular inspections can help minimize the risk of a potential security system failure. As business security professionals, we understand that business owners have many things on their minds beyond making sure their system is fully operational. SMG Security can take on the task of inspecting your system monthly, in accordance with Illinois State law.

Monitoring Services

SMG Security operates a UL-approved central station which is responsible for monitoring fire, smoke, medical alert, burglar, and panic alarms. When an alarm is triggered on-site at a cannabis dispensary, our central station services team follows up to ensure a connection is made with the correct authorities and that the owner is notified.

On-Site Security Training

A dispensary’s security system is only as strong as its least knowledgeable employee. The SMG Security team can provide on-site security training for owners and dispensary personnel.

Dispensary Security Plans in Illinois

Are you planning to open a new marijuana dispensary in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs? We can help create a solid security plan that will fulfill your license application. SMG can also evaluate your existing security system and provide you with better solutions. Contact us today to request a free estimate.

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