Cannabis Security Systems for Dispensaries & Grow Facilities

In order to prevent the theft of inventory, funds, and unauthorized intrusion, the State of Illinois has outlined stiff security requirements for cannabis dispensaries.

SMG was one of the first security companies to service the legal Marijuana trade in Illinois. By the time recreational sales were legalized, we’d been protecting cannabis businesses for the better part of a decade. Don’t trust the safety of your cash business to security services that are learning as they go. Turn to SMG for all of your cannabis industry security needs.

Hire an Experienced Cannabis Security Consultant

Cannabis dispensaries and cultivation centers in Illinois must adhere to strict state regulations when it comes to security. These regulations were put in place to prevent the theft of cannabis products, funds, and wrongful entry. But without an experienced cannabis security consultant, it can be difficult to know exactly what kind of protection you need.

Prospective business owners must submit a dispensary security plan in Illinois to obtain a business license. At SMG Security, we are well-versed in the security requirements put forth by the State of Illinois. We’re also cannabis security technology experts. As a result, we offer clients effective security solutions that adhere to regulations and protect them from illicit activity.

An Overview of Illinois’ Cannabis Security Requirements

Dispensary security plans in Illinois must include detailed protection procedures. The plans must outline systems to prevent and detect the diversion, theft, or loss of cannabis products, currency, or wrongful entry. Examples of the required measures include but are not limited to:

  • Professional security equipment installed by a licensed private alarm contractor or agency
  • Perimeter alarms on all entry points
  • A panic button and after-hours intrusion detection alarm
  • Video surveillance security cameras inside and outside of the facility
  • Storage of all recordings at a secure location to prevent theft, loss, destruction, or alterations
  • Plans to test and maintain the cannabis security system on a regular basis

Comprehensive Cannabis Security Systems from SMG

Camera systems

Our closed-circuit TV (CCTV) security camera systems allow cannabis business owners to keep an eye on their property from anywhere. We offer simple, failsafe storage and archiving solutions that are compliant with Illinois State law. Plus, the monitoring software that comes with our CCTV systems is compatible with almost any device.

Access Control

We install several different types of access control systems to secure restricted areas of your business to authorized employees. These systems can provide access via fingerprint readers, proximity card detectors, or your smartphone’s Bluetooth. You’ll be able to easily manage permissions to add, edit, or delete area privileges for specific employees.


Our AES-IntelliNet alarm monitoring systems provide the quickest signal response time possible in the event of an emergency. They use wireless mesh technology to prevent interruptions from cellular jamming or cut phone lines. This technology provides a direct, wireless link between your alarm panel and our central station. AES-IntelliNet alarms are the most advanced alarms in the industry, and your cannabis business deserves nothing less.

Monthly Inspections

Regular inspections help minimize the risk of a potential security system failure. As cannabis security professionals, we know how busy cannabis business owners can be. And we know how easy it can be to forget to test your cannabis security system. SMG Security can take on the task of testing your system every month to ensure your compliance with Illinois State law.

Monitoring Services

SMG Security operates a UL-approved central station that’s responsible for monitoring fire, smoke, medical alert, burglar, and panic alarms. When an alarm triggers at your cannabis dispensary or grow facility, our central station services team responds immediately. They reach out to both the owner and the proper authorities to ensure every alarm gets the attention it needs.

On-Site Security Training

A dispensary’s security system is only as strong as its least knowledgeable employee. The SMG Security team can provide on-site security training for owners, security officers, and other personnel.

Cannabis businesses might have millions of dollars in cash and product on hand at any given time. This makes them a target for all kinds of criminals. Thus, it’s essential to fully train your employees on how to respond to every kind of threat. Even the most advanced cannabis security systems won’t protect your business if your employees don’t use them properly.

Dispensary Security Plans in Illinois

Are you planning to open a marijuana dispensary in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs? We can help create an effective security plan to fulfill your license application requirements.

If you already run a recreational or medical cannabis dispensary or cultivation center, SMG can also act as a cannabis security consultant. We’ll analyze your existing cannabis security system and suggest improvements to lower costs and/or improve protection.

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