Hospital & Healthcare Security Systems for the Chicago Area

Hospitals and healthcare facilities must maintain high levels of security at all times to protect their patients, personnel, property, and data.

SMG Security designs, installs, and maintains custom hospital security systems in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations. Our integrated security solutions include access control systems, video surveillance, fire and life safety systems, and more. Whether you’re opening new medical facilities or need to update the security in an existing location, we can help.

Hospital Access Control Systems

Chicago Healthcare Security & Access Control Chicago Healthcare Security & Access Control

Access control solutions allow hospitals to maintain their physical security by regulating access to restricted areas. Modern systems allow you to easily manage permissions for each individual employee, patient, and visitor. As a result, you can ensure that patients’ records, expensive medical equipment, and controlled substances remain secure at all times.

A single breach can have dramatic consequences. Losses due to theft will likely be covered by your facility’s insurance, but may still cause future premiums to spike. And if a breach jeopardizes the safety of patients or personnel, the cost of litigation and the loss of reputation can be staggering.

Precautionary security measures that include access control technology prevent these kinds of failures. Maintaining the security of your facility can be costly. But preventing even one security breach could save more than the cost of the entire security system.

Hospital Video Monitoring

Hospital Security System & Installation Service Chiago, ILHospital Security System & Installation Service Chiago, IL

Surveillance in hospitals serves a variety of functions. It supplements access control systems by deterring and documenting intruders. It can improve productivity. And live hospital cameras allow medical staff to monitor multiple patients at the same time.

For hospitals, security cameras are essential to maintaining the safety of the facilities. They allow security personnel to keep a watchful eye on the entrances and exits of all restricted areas. And in the event of any wrongdoings, they provide the necessary evidence to hold the responsible parties accountable.

Patient monitoring cameras also allow medical professionals to care for more patients at once. However, such systems must balance patients’ privacy with their care.

With this in mind, thermal cameras can be an effective option. They allow doctors and nurses to monitor patients in real-time. And the footage they provide cannot be used to identify the patient. Thus, they satisfy HIPAA regulations while aiding doctors’ and nurses’ efforts to provide the best possible care for their patients.

Hospital Fire and Life Safety Systems

Hosptial Fire & Life Safety ProtectionSystems Chicaog Hosptial Fire & Life Safety ProtectionSystems Chicaog

Like any place of business, hospitals and health care facilities must comply with strict fire safety laws. However, medical buildings are often populated by people with limited mobility, some of whom may rely on bulky equipment to survive. Thus, hospitals’ fire safety systems need to be more robust than those in office buildings and other workplaces.

The Illinois Administrative Code Title 77 Chapter I Subchapter b Section 250.1980 covers fire and safety guidelines for hospitals. Notably, it highlights the need for maintenance of these systems.

Fire extinguishers must be inspected yearly. Fire sensors, alarms, and protection systems must be inspected at least two times a year. And each of these systems must be fully functional at all times.

In addition to designing and installing fire safety systems for medical facilities, SMG Security inspects them for a number of clients. Whether or not we install your hospital’s fire systems, we have the experience and the credentials to keep them up to code.

Even if you already have a company to inspect your alarm systems, getting a second opinion can be a good idea. And with so many lives on the line, doing so is only prudent.

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