Office Building Security Systems

Keep your business’ employees, property, and information safe with an office security system from SMG Security.

Business owners regularly overlook the need for robust office security systems. Because offices typically sell services rather than physical products, they rarely have expensive inventory to protect. But criminals often target offices buildings precisely because of their lax security.

Even small offices typically have thousands of dollars worth of equipment as well as invaluable client information and business documents. And many businesses would struggle to survive if something were to happen to that equipment.

Imagine arriving at your office Monday morning to find all of your servers and computers missing. If you have your data backed up off-site, you might be able to replace everything and get back to work within a few days.

But even then, the criminals will likely possess financial information about your business, your clients, and your employees that was stored on your computers. And with that information, sophisticated criminals could cause damage that takes years to recover from.

Customized Office Security Systems

Alarms Systems and Monitoring

Fire and intrusion detection are two of the most fundamental aspects of an office security system. Our UL Certified central station responds to every emergency moments after it occurs.

As one of the leading fire alarm companies in the Chicago area, we have direct lines with local fire departments to provide our clients with the fastest possible response times. And we respond every bit as quickly to unauthorized access events.

Office Security Camera Systems

High-quality video surveillance systems are a must for any commercial property. They’re one of the best deterrents against crime and provide critical evidence if a crime occurs. Video cameras also allow you to keep an eye on your business in real-time from anywhere in the world. And with features like night vision and motion sensors, we’ll make sure you never miss a thing.

The mere presence of the cameras can even improve employee productivity. Nearly 1 in 4 employees admits to wasting 5 hours or more every week at work. But they’re less prone to do so with cameras in place. Plus, the cameras allow you to check in on your employees at any time and take the appropriate action if such wastefulness persists.

The software for our systems is compatible with virtually every computer platform, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux. They’re also compatible with a variety of storage options. So we can help you decide whether it makes more sense for your office to keep digital recordings on local storage, off-site servers, or in the cloud.

Access Control

SMG Security offers a variety of access control systems to secure restricted areas of your office. These systems use keycards, fingerprint readers, and other verification technology to grant authorized personnel access to the building and any protected areas.

Our systems will provide you with a record detailing every time these areas are accessed and by whom. And they allow you to easily manage permissions, granting or limiting access to specific areas for individual employees.

Stay Safe with an Office Security System from SMG Security

At SMG Security, we pride ourselves on being one of the best security companies in or around Chicago. We have decades of experience designing, installing, and monitoring office security systems. So we know exactly what it takes to keep your business safe.

Whether you’re opening a new office, expanding, or rethinking the security of your existing office, we can help. Contact us today at 847-593-0999 for a free quote or to learn more about how we’ll keep your office safe.

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