Why Every Home Should Have Properly Installed & Strategically Located Fire Alarms

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There is nothing more important than properly installed fire alarms in the home when it comes to the safety of your family. Faulty wiring, a curling iron or stove left on by mistake, and power surges are just a few of the causes of fires that can happen at any time – day or night. Without the safety net that alarms provide, you are risking your family’s life. Three out of every five deaths caused by residential fires are a direct result of not having a working fire alarm in the home.



Fire Alarms Save Lives


The number one reason to have a properly installed fire alarm in Bensenville, IL is to save lives. If a fire starts in your home at night, and there is no alarm, there is a good chance you won’t even wake up. Fires often go unnoticed until there is a build-up of intense heat or a lot of smoke, and by that time it’s often too late to get out of the building.


In addition to having the alarms installed properly, it is also important to make sure they are placed throughout the home, including in the basement, in each bedroom, at the top or bottom of each stairwell, and in common living areas. Positioning the alarms in these locations will ensure no matter where your family members are, they will have enough time to get out of the house when smoke or fire is detected.



Reduced Property Loss


When you have functional fire alarms installed throughout your home, your receive an early warning, allowing you to call 911. This means firefighters can get to the fire quicker, possibly saving a portion of your home and some of your possessions. Additionally, an alarm may notify you in time to put a small fire out with a fire extinguisher, before it gets out of control.



Monitored Fire Alarm Systems


You can take these safety measures one step further by having a professionally monitored fire alarm system installed. This will provide certain advantages including 24-hour monitoring, immediate notification of emergency services, and often an insurance discount. When you are looking for a quality fire alarm system in Bensenville, IL, call on SMG security – the local industry leaders in monitored fire alarm systems.



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