High Water Alarms

Water damage and basement flooding is a common problem. If your sump pump should fail, it may be too late before you know it.

SMG offers the low-cost solution of monitoring the level of the water in your sump pump. We can alert you when the water starts to reach a level that is higher than it should be, allowing you time to investigate the issue and repair the pump before flooding occurs. SMG has more than 30 years of experience designing and servicing alarm systems. Our security engineers are National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) certified – learn more about our high water alarms today.

What Is A High Water Alarm?

These alarm systems can be used to monitor the liquid levels in a tank to prevent septic system backups. You can receive notifications just like you do with our security camera systems in Chicago. The alarms will notify you of a failing submersible pump or a plugged line, which could cause the liquid level to rise in your septic tank. This alarm can save you money and hassles of repairing and replacing the water-damaged property that could happen without one. You can call us to learn about how water alarms help detect early signs of leakage.


The main benefit of having a high water alarm is the ability to give you more time to move valuables or water-sensitive material before costly water damage occurs. You can also investigate the issue and possibly stop the leakage from getting out of hand once the alarm sounds. other benefits may include:

  • Saving power: Automatic controllers help limit electricity usage and less water is needed to regulate supply.
  • Saving money: A water level controller can help save money by limiting and regulating the waste of water and electricity.
  • Automatic regulations: Water levels can be maintained at appropriate levels with automatic operations of the high water alarm.
  • Water maximization: This means that a controller can maximize the water usage provided during midday while automatically lessening the water usage at night. 

Our Design

SMG’s water probe is designed to allow water or any conductive non-flammable liquid to be detected with low voltage and low current. It can monitor up to two sensor probes simultaneously. Ideal for basements, laundry rooms, and kitchens—or anywhere flooding is a possibility and early warning is desirable to prevent damage.

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