AES-IntelliNet Network

AES-IntelliNet is a proprietary, two-way wireless alarm communications system network that provides significant performance and cost benefits over traditional telephone, radio tower or cellular-based alarm communications systems.

AES-IntelliNet is the industry leader in delivering high quality wireless alarm communications to the fire and security industries for commercial, corporate, government, and educational applications with its broad line of products and advanced network management tools. Users of AES-IntelliNet networks have gained significant revenue, communications, and cost advantages while meeting the high standards of reliability required for the fire and security industries. AES alarm monitoring systems are deployed in hundreds of thousands of locations in over 50 countries.

SMG has installed municipal and proprietary radio networks in and around the Greater Chicagoland Area. The three important factors in resolving any crisis are to detect, inform, and react. The AES network’s solution is to provide a “wireless mesh” network to maximize reliability and earn UL Listings while complying with NFPA requirements.

How Mesh Radio Technology Works

Wireless mesh radio technology is conceptually simple. A wireless mesh network is made up of radio nodes organized in a mesh topology. The mesh, specifically, refers to the rich interconnection among your devices and consists of clients, routers, and gateways.

All AES smart subscribers act as a receiver, transmitter, and repeater of signals across the network. Signals that need to get from a monitored alarm panel to our UL Approved Central Station do one of two things. They either go directly from the AES subscriber’s alarm panel to the AES receiver in the Central Station or “hop” through other AES subscribers along the shortest, most optimal possible route until they are delivered at the Central Station.

About AES-IntelliNet™

AES-IntelliNet systems can grow to cover thousands of square miles because of the patented AES store and forward technology. AES-IntelliNet boasts the quickest response time possible, with the fastest signal transmission speed of any current technology (between 1-3 seconds, compared to 4-6 seconds by internet or up to 45 seconds via cellular).

According to the AES Corporation, AES-IntelliNet is a “direct wireless link between an alarm panel and a central station.” At first, the system was developed for Americans living overseas in the less developed regions. However, the capabilities have become available for people in the United States as well as all over the world. Ultimately, if your business has AES-IntelliNet, you can have a more successful private radio system.

The AES Advantage

AES alarm communications solutions will help your business address the below problems, as well as the financial and life safety reliability risks associated with them.

  • Phone line cuts
  • Cellular jamming
  • Cellular technology sunset change-outs
  • No phone line availability for places without landline phone service
  • Internet telephony interoperability

You can trust SMG Security to install the fastest and most-reliable alarm communications technology available so that your business is covered in the case of an emergency. From cameras to burglar alarms around Schiller Park, you can count on us to make you feel safer. We have been a trusted source for business and security systems in Chicago for over 30 years. Did you know that we have commercial clients ranging from retail to education to government? We support any type of business and the size of their building. As a licensed State of Illinois private alarm contractor, we are ready to make you feel safer in your workplace. Don’t wait, contact us today to discuss potential security options.

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