AES-IntelliNet Networks:
Fast and Reliable

AES-IntelliNet is a proprietary, two-way wireless alarm communications system network. Its mesh radio technology delivers significant performance and cost benefits over traditional telephone, radio tower, and cellular-based alarm systems.

AES-IntelliNet leads the industry in delivering high quality wireless alarm communications to the fire and security industries. Their speed, reliability, and scalability make AES security systems the ideal choice for commercial applications. Corporate, government, and education institutions also turn to AES security systems for these same reasons.

Users of AES-IntelliNet products and services gain significant revenue, communications, and cost advantages. And they do so while meeting the high standards of reliability necessary in the fire and security industries. AES security systems are fault-tolerant and achieve virtually 100% efficiency in connecting emergency alarms of all kinds.

Because of their dependability, AES alarm systems protect hundreds of thousands of locations in over 50 countries. SMG itself installs countless municipal and proprietary radio networks in and around the greater Chicagoland area. The success of AES security systems owes largely to their wireless mesh radio technology.

AES Radio Mesh Network Technology

A wireless mesh network is made up of radio nodes organized in a mesh topology. Each node acts as a receiver, transmitter and repeater of signals across the network. This provides the network with a rich interconnection among devices, which is why the network is referred to as a mesh.

AES security systems rely on smart subscriber units installed on site at the business. These nodes connect to the central alarm monitoring station wirelessly, eliminating the need for cables, trenching, and wiring. Each AES subscriber unit can receive and transmit signals. This allows the signals to hop between nodes on the way to the central station when beneficial.

Alarm signals will automatically find the fastest route to access the control center. Each signal can choose from multiple routes and signals adjust their path based on the current state of the network. To enable best path selection as well as self-healing capabilities, the network uses a combination of proactive and reactive protocols.

About AES-IntelliNet™

AES-IntelliNet systems can grow to cover thousands of square miles because of the patented AES store and forward technology. Even long range connections boast the quickest response time of any current technology. The alarm signals reach monitoring services in just 1-3 seconds. By contrast, cellular alarms can take up to 45 seconds and internet alarms take 4-6 seconds.

AES was designed specifically for alarm signals, unlike GSM and GPRS which were created for voice and SMS transmission. The effectiveness of the network quickly led to widespread adoption around the world. Response time is critical in emergencies, especially in remote or hard to reach locations. And AES security systems are the fastest on the market.

The AES Advantage

AES alarm communications solutions help businesses address a variety of problems and their associated financial and life safety risks. These problems include:

  • Phone line cuts
  • Cellular jamming
  • Cellular technology sunset change-outs
  • No phone line availability for places without landline phone service
  • Internet telephony interoperability

SMG Security can protect your business with an AES security system of its own. We’ve spent over 30 years installing security and fire alarms in Chicago and the surrounding areas. We also provide a variety of residential services to complement our business services, keeping homes and businesses safe throughout Chicagoland.

We have commercial clients in the retail, education, and government markets. And we can support any type of business regardless of their building or business size. As a licensed State of Illinois private alarm contractor, we are ready to make you feel safer in your workplace. Contact us today so we can provide you with the safety and security your home and business deserve.

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