Cannabis Security Systems for Dispensaries & Grow Facilities

In order to prevent the theft of inventory, funds, and unauthorized intrusion, the State of Illinois has outlined stiff security requirements for cannabis dispensaries.

Disepensary security

SMG was one of the first security companies to service the legal Marijuana trade in Illinois.



By the time recreational sales were legalized, we’d been protecting cannabis businesses for the better part of a decade. Don’t trust the safety of your cash business to security services that are learning as they go. Turn to SMG for all of your cannabis industry security needs.



Hire an Experienced Cannabis Security Consultant


Cannabis dispensaries and cultivation centers in Illinois must adhere to strict state regulations when it comes to security. These regulations were put in place to prevent the theft of cannabis products, funds, and wrongful entry. But without an experienced cannabis security consultant, it can be difficult to know exactly what kind of protection you need.

Prospective business owners must submit a dispensary security plan in Illinois to obtain a business license. At SMG Security, we are well-versed in the security requirements put forth by the State of Illinois. We’re also cannabis security technology experts. As a result, we offer clients effective security solutions that adhere to regulations and protect them from illicit activity.



An Overview of Illinois’ Cannabis Security Requirements


Dispensary security plans in Illinois must include detailed protection procedures. The plans must outline systems to prevent and detect the diversion, theft, or loss of cannabis products, currency, or wrongful entry. Examples of the required measures include but are not limited to:

  • Professional security equipment installed by a licensed private alarm contractor or agency
  • Perimeter alarms on all entry points
  • A panic button and after-hours intrusion detection alarm
  • Video surveillance security cameras inside and outside of the facility
  • Storage of all recordings at a secure location to prevent theft, loss, destruction, or alterations
  • Plans to test and maintain the cannabis security system on a regular basis





Comprehensive Cannabis Security Systems from SMG



Camera systems


Our closed-circuit TV (CCTV) security camera systems allow cannabis business owners to keep an eye on their property from anywhere. We offer simple, failsafe storage and archiving solutions that are compliant with Illinois State law. Plus, the monitoring software that comes with our CCTV systems is compatible with almost any device.




Access Control


We install several different types of access control systems to secure restricted areas of your business to authorized employees. These systems can provide access via fingerprint readers, proximity card detectors, or your smartphone’s Bluetooth. You’ll be able to easily manage permissions to add, edit, or delete area privileges for specific employees.






Our AES-IntelliNet alarm monitoring systems provide the quickest signal response time possible in the event of an emergency. They use wireless mesh technology to prevent interruptions from cellular jamming or cut phone lines. This technology provides a direct, wireless link between your alarm panel and our central station. AES-IntelliNet alarms are the most advanced alarms in the industry, and your cannabis business deserves nothing less.




Monthly Inspections


Regular inspections help minimize the risk of a potential security system failure. As cannabis security professionals, we know how busy cannabis business owners can be. And we know how easy it can be to forget to test your cannabis security system. SMG Security can take on the task of testing your system every month to ensure your compliance with Illinois State law.




Monitoring Services


SMG Security operates a UL-approved central station that’s responsible for monitoring fire, smoke, medical alert, burglar, and panic alarms. When an alarm triggers at your cannabis dispensary or grow facility, our central station services team responds immediately. They reach out to both the owner and the proper authorities to ensure every alarm gets the attention it needs.




On-Site Security Training


A dispensary’s security system is only as strong as its least knowledgeable employee. The SMG Security team can provide on-site security training for owners, security officers, and other personnel.


Cannabis businesses might have millions of dollars in cash and product on hand at any given time. This makes them a target for all kinds of criminals. Thus, it’s essential to fully train your employees on how to respond to every kind of threat. Even the most advanced cannabis security systems won’t protect your business if your employees don’t use them properly.




Dispensary Security Plans in Illinois


Are you planning to open a marijuana dispensary in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs? We can help create an effective security plan to fulfill your license application requirements.


If you already run a recreational or medical cannabis dispensary or cultivation center, SMG can also act as a cannabis security consultant. We’ll analyze your existing cannabis security system and suggest improvements to lower costs and/or improve protection.


Contact us today at 847-593-0999 to request a free estimate.

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In Their Words

Thanks for your help with this process! Your install team was amazing! They were extremely efficient and we hardly knew they were there. Great guys who took the time to show us how to use the system and answered all our questions. I’m sure I will have some for them down the road. Big thanks to you and your team!

- Frank M.

The installation crew that was here was FABULOUS!!! I didn’t even know they were here most of the time. There was no doubt in my mind that they knew what they were doing. You have no idea how comforting that is. As I’m sure you know, that isn’t always the case when there are technicians in the building. It went very smoothly and we’re so grateful for that! Please extend my gratitude and appreciation for the job they did. I knew we made the right decision!

- Gail H.

We used SMG for monitoring services for our home for 35 years (!) and were consistently well served and attended to. Calls were always picked up promptly, and the service attendants never failed to immediately call to check in on us if the alarm was ever triggered (99% of the time were false alarms we generated...oops...). Service technicians were very competent as well. Highly recommend.

- J. Winstein

Recently switched my monitoring service company for an Elk Grove location. These guys gave me the best quote for an affordable system! Great company!

- Jade N. , Curv Group LLC

A short note to tell you about the great customer service provided by your staff. We moved to Wheaton in August 2019 to a townhome that had an older SMG System. Anthony came out and explained the SMG capabilities, John updated the system and Dave has been by several times to troubleshoot and solve problems. The three are real professionals and know what they are doing. The administrative staff on the phone are always very helpful and professional. Please thank them for their service.

- M. Thomas

Your employees, from the start through completion of the job, were professional and concise in the performance of their work... From the first contact through the end of the project Christian kept me informed, answered all of my questions, and guided me in having the correct system installed... They were indeed professional, polite, kept their work area tidy and worked around all of the functions we had going on at the church. I am especially grateful for these men being on our job as they are the face of your company and they represented you well.

- Mark K., Evangelical Free Church of Crystal Lake

I wanted to take a moment to share with you some good news you may not hear every day but I am sure you will welcome. Your team completed the installation of the security system in Bethel. They were professional and followed our safety, security and Covid-19 protocols to the letter. Throughout the installation, communication was great and the team was very friendly and helpful. In particular, I want to call out Dino for his great customer service. Thanks.

- Mark P.

A short note to tell you about the great customer service provided by your staff. We moved to Wheaton in August 2019 to a townhome that had an older SMG System. Anthony came out and explained the SMG capabilities, John updated the system and Dave has been by several times to troubleshoot and solve problems. The three are real professionals and know what they are doing. The administrative staff on the phone are always very helpful and professional. Please thank them for their service.

- Mark T.

Awesome. I just wanted to pass along that the fire alarm test yesterday was without a doubt one of the best I have ever witnessed. The crews had everything set up and ready to go and were even asking me questions about the programming before we started so they could get the changes made. They had no issues with some of the changes I requested due to our local codes and immediately corrected them. Absolutely everything went smoothly and the guys were great to work with. I really hope I get to work with them again.

- Richard T., Palatine Community Health Center

Your team just left and I wanted to take a moment to say how great both Armando and Mike were during the camera installation process. Everything is up and running and I could not be more pleased.

- Susan C., Centerpoint

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