Fire Alarm Systems & Monitoring Services in Franklin Park, IL

Fire poses one of the biggest risks to business owners in Franklin Park, IL. Without the proper protection, you could lose your livelihood or even your life in a matter of minutes. That’s why every second counts when it comes to fire protection. SMG Security offers state-of-the-art fire alarm monitoring services and equipment to businesses to prevent these kinds of tragedies.

In Franklin Park, IL, an average of roughly 100 fire incidents occur every year. And structure fires account for more than half of these incidents. Thankfully, the Franklin Park fire department responds to monitoring centers and 911 calls in about 4 minutes. And while that response time is slightly faster than the median response times in Illinois, it might not be fast enough.

If an enclosed area reaches temperatures of 932 – 1,100 °F, all of the combustible material inside will ignite almost instantly. This phenomenon, known as flashover, can happen in less than 5 minutes during a structure fire. Once it occurs, the fire department may still be able to prevent the fire from spreading. But all of your property within the affected area is likely beyond repair.

Protect Your Franklin Park Business with Fire Alarm Monitoring & Equipment from SMG

SMG Security wants to make sure this never happens to your business. Our AES-IntelliNet fire alarm systems provide the fastest possible response times in the event of a fire. When the fire detection system identifies a threat, the signal reaches our local fire alarm monitoring service in 1 – 3 seconds. Alarms from cellular telephone lines can take up to 45 seconds.

Once your fire alarm sounds, the team at our local central station springs into action. They’ll immediately notify the business owner as well as the Franklin Park FD, with whom we have a close working relationship and a direct line. We know that even momentary delays could result in irreparable damage. So we take every precaution to prevent even the briefest lag time.

We own and operate our own central station in the Chicago area to provide the highest level of service. The station meets or exceeds all Underwriters Laboratories safety and sustainability standards, earning UL-approved status. And every team member undergoes extensive training to ensure efficient, swift responses during an emergency.

Need Help Finding the Right Type of Fire Alarm for Your Franklin Park Business?

Over the years, fire alarms have become more effective at identifying early warning signs. But knowing what kind of fire alarm system will provide the best protection to your Franklin Park business can be confusing.

At SMG, we’ve installed every kind of fire alarm control panel and worked with businesses in every industry. So we know precisely how to keep your business safe. We’ll recommend the appropriate initiating devices (pull stations, smoke and heat detectors…) for your specific needs. And we can help you choose between conventional and addressable systems.

In Franklin Park, IL, most businesses are also legally required to periodically test their fire alarm systems and notification devices. We’re fully licensed and insured to help test your system, in addition to installing and monitoring it. So if you own a business in Franklin Park, SMG Security is the only name you need to know when it comes to fire safety.

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