SMG is an industry leader in the Chicagoland area, providing security solutions for residential and commercial applications. Using our integrated network of services, we provide unparalleled protection – fulfilling the diverse and complicated needs of industrial and manufacturing operations.

We understand that each industry has specific security requirements, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for any organization. Our unique capabilities allow us to customize and implement a state-of-the-art security system that meets your specific needs – keeping your organization protected from potentially disastrous events.


Transportation services are particularly lucrative targets for cybercriminals, given the essential services they provide. They are also inherently difficult to protect. The potential for theft of personal data including passport and credit card information, intellectual property, customer loyalty programs, and manifests is only a small part of the problem.

System breaches can be catastrophic when they affect traffic patterns, damage critical infrastructure, and cause major travel delays and cancellations. Transportation and travel organizations are consistently challenged to stay at the forefront of cybersecurity due to application and mobility needs, maintaining data and customer security, and meeting increased compliance measures.

Our team at SMG has decades of experience with completing full risk and security assessments and providing the most advanced cyber security solutions. We have the capability to perform 24/7 monitoring of your networks and endpoint systems through advanced analysis and log correlation, allowing us to detect threats and immediately defend against them – before they compromise your systems.

New Construction

Construction sites have an amazing number of large assets that are vulnerable to theft and vandalism, including heavy machinery, appliances and materials waiting to be installed, company vehicles, miscellaneous tools, and more. There are several ways to protect these assets, from hiring a guard service to mounting GPS trackers on the equipment itself. Although these methods are better than no security at all, they both have their drawbacks.

Security guards are only human, sometimes they show up late – or don’t show up at all, fall asleep on the job, and in the worst-case scenario, look the other way or enable theft. GPS tracking devices can be effective but can also be accidentally knocked off equipment on a busy construction site, not be attached in the first place, or removed by less than trustworthy employees.

At SMG security, we offer 24-hour monitoring services for construction sites and new construction. Because we operate our own UL-approved central station (monitoring center), we can react to any breach in security – immediately contacting the proper authorities. As a client, you can call the central station 24/7 with questions or concerns, and our interactive services allow you to receive text messages and email alerts regarding any activity relating to your business.

For industry leading security, and improved peace of mind, upgrade to new equipment, or talk with our knowledgeable team about integrating your current business security systems with our central station monitoring services.


If you applied for a recreational marijuana dispensary license, you know there is an entire section of the application requiring a security plan, and it plays a meaningful role in the approval process. If you have been approved, you will need to have effective security camera systems in Chicago and your other locations. Reliable monitoring must be in place prior to opening your doors.

Additionally, if you are seeking approval for a future location, you will need to ensure proper security measures are accounted for on your application. The state wants to make sure that every applicant plans to make security a top priority – security is not where to pinch pennies in your start-up budget. That being said, our highly skilled team can provide the most cost-effective solutions to ensure compliance while keeping your employees and assets fully protected.

We not only have the necessary licensing in place to service dispensaries as well as meeting all of Illinois’ requirements for video surveillance, we offer a complete suite of integrated security systems suitable for your needs. From electronic access control to our AES-IntelliNet networks, we offer security solutions for every conceivable problem – including those you may not have anticipated. Contact us today for a full on-site evaluation of your security needs.


Many people don’t realize that most retail outlets work on razor-thin profit margins. Loss of inventory costs retailers billions of dollars of losses each year, and as many as 35% of those losses are due to employee theft.

Employees often have unmonitored access to a retailer’s inventory, allowing them to steal items from storerooms undetected. Employee theft occurs at point-of-sale (POS) terminals and cash registers as well. Proprietary information and consumer data are also vulnerable business assets. A well-planned, retail loss prevention initiative backed by integrated security solutions can help reduce your losses due to employee theft, as well those incurred from shoplifters and cybercriminals.

At SMG, we utilize fully integrated security measures including electronic access control, state-of-the-art cyber security, 24/7 real-time monitoring, and security camera systems in Chicago to reduce retail loss while simultaneously protecting your data, employees, merchandise, and premises.

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