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CCTV Surveillance equipment is a deterrent against Theft, Fraud, and Vandalism.

Our security camera system available in Elk Grove Village and the surrounding areas is high-end and extremely beneficial to have in any type of residence. One of our residential security solutions is a high-end camera system that will keep an eye on your property and family by providing live video and audio feeds. With a digital IP camera system, you can login online to view/review your cameras from any computer or smartphone. Camera systems are popular in business for security and employee safety and make a great addition to home security as well.

What Is A Digital IP Camera?

An Internet Protocol (IP) camera is a type of digital video camera that keeps you aware and “in the know” by receiving control data and then sending image data through the internet. Digital IP camera systems are commonly used for surveillance because they don’t require a local recording device, just a local area network—they can be decentralized or centralized and connected through ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Residential Security Camera System Elk Grove Village


How Does It Work?

Utilizing our interactive platform, you can set up multiple cameras in and around your home to watch areas and then set up email alerts—no matter where you are—with off-site recorded video clips on event activity.

With SMG’s video monitoring solution, you can see who’s pulling into the driveway, get a video alert when someone comes through the front door, or check in on your favorite pet who is home alone. Ensuring the safety of your family and belongings will give you peace of mind throughout the day, no matter where you are. 

Check out our security camera system serving Elk Grove Village today to learn more about your camera options. Our highly-trained consultants can design and install a customized system to protect your assets any time of day or night. Whether you need one camera or one hundred, SMG will be able to meet the exact needs of your home and give you the technology to help you feel safe and comfortable. Contact us today for a quote or submit a form on our site to request the installation of a digital IP camera system.

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