The need for a safer (more secure) work environment has never been greater than it is today. Plus the cost to key and re-key locks when employees leave with a key, can be very expensive. SMG can help you when it comes to the access controls that you have in place.

One of the most frustrating aspects of running a business involves not knowing when your employees enter or leave the premises, especially in your absence.  SMG Security Systems has an answer that can secure your place of business and give you peace of mind: Card Access.

SMG Security Systems can design an Access Control system which can monitor and control entry to your building, and provide a database for reporting.

  • Fingerprint Readers
  • Proximity Card Readers
  • Voice Recognition Systems

With SMG’s Access Control Technology, you can monitor all restricted areas of your building, knowing everyone who has come and gone, and at what times. You can set your own parameters, making it possible for specific doors to lock/unlock at predetermined times, or in case of emergency. These systems can even provide you with printed reports.

With SMG’s Hosted Access, you can access your database from anywhere, never worry about backing up the system, or if you want, let us manage the entire process, from entering and deleting cards, to locking and unlocking doors, or you, as an owner, can do all of this from your own computer.

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