Access Control

The need for a safer and more secure work environment has never been greater than it is today. Not knowing when your employees enter or leave the premises in your absence can be a stressful and frustrating part of running a business.

The answer to securing your business office and giving yourself peace of mind is simple: card access. It’s important to ensure that your office is safe and secure at all times with building access control systems near Schaumburg. SMG Security helps when it comes to your building’s security and access control system installation near Chicago, IL has never been an easier process than it is with SMG Security. And out ability to provide the highest quality access control has been enhanced through out association with Genetec.

SMG Security is now a dealer for Genetec, the technology leader in access control and video surveillance and security. Genetec’s industry-leading system – Genetec Security Center – is a collaborative platform that enables you to monitor access, track vehicles, and manage security using one system on a single interface.

Types of Access Control

Access control installation greatly improves the ability to manage your facility’s security by replacing traditional keys and locks with electronically controlled doors. No longer will you need to replace the locks when an employee loses a key. We can design an access control system that will monitor and control entry to your building and provide a database for reporting. At the helm of your card access system, you can easily add, edit, or delete users, or even grant employees certain levels of authority to access specific parts of your office. Temporary access can also be granted for maintenance, cleaning personnel, or any other business needs. A few of our access offerings include:

  • Fingerprint Readers: Any type of fingerprint authentication solution is highly beneficial for small and big businesses because it takes away having to carry an extra card and they are quickly processed
  • Proximity Card Readers: This option is affordable and easily integrated into any access control system and allows you to choose which type of security you’d like to use—i.e. smart cards, fobs, or tags
  • Smartphone Bluetooth Systems: This is a type of keyless entry system, allowing you to unlock doors with your phone using Bluetooth. With many, you won’t even need an internet connection to get into the building

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You can monitor restricted areas of your building and know both everyone who has entered and left, as well as at what times they are coming and going with SMG’s access control installation in Elk Grove Village. With SMG’s hosted access, you can access your database from anywhere in real-time, without needing to worry about backing up the system. You can set your own parameters, making it possible for specific doors to lock/unlock at predetermined times, or in case of emergency. All of these systems can provide detailed reports.

Managed Access Control

We also offer managed access control, where you can allow SMG’s security professionals to manage the entire process for you. This is beneficial because it is important to have an authorized administrator available at all times to handle any urgent system needs. Our professionals work offsite, securing all monitoring centers so you can have peace of mind that your business’s needs are being taken care of safely. Some offerings include adding and deleting cards as well as locking and unlocking doors. These options are also available for an owner to do from a personal computer or mobile app should you need to handle something yourself, giving you remote door access control.

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