Workplace Health Screening

Safely bring your employees and clients back to the office with the help of our streamlined COVID-19 health screener.

Through difficult times, company owners across the country have been working hard to balance workplace safety with the necessary activities of their business. To help companies contain the spread of COVID-19, SMG Security offers a simple solution for health and temperature screening in Chicago. Our systems can be tailored for the needs of your business, providing a high level of compliance traceability without interrupting daily operations.

Streamlined and Easy-to-Use

Our health screener hits the perfect balance of detailed and easy-to-use. Visitors and employees alike can quickly work through a series of questions designed to identify potential symptoms or contact-related risk factors. Once the screening questions are complete, the system will then conduct a contact-free temperature screening. For most visitors, the process will take around 10 seconds to complete.

A Reliable, 24-Hour Solution

Your health screening kiosk can be set up to operate around-the-clock during all hours of your business’ operations. The health screener can be programmed to notify you directly of all failed tests and even limit access to restricted areas of the business depending on a person’s results. This can help prevent COVID-positive visitors from entering sensitive areas of the business where they may come in contact with other clients or members of your team.

Full Customization

Every aspect of the SMG health screener is customizable to the needs of your business. Not only can you modify the details of the screening process, you can also adjust the interface to better reflect your brand. During set up, you can drag-and-drop graphics, audio, and other media to give visitors a seamless experience when entering your business. Our health screeners also provide a bilingual option to improve accessibility for your workforce and clients.

Confidential and Secure Records

Each time the health screener is used, records will be kept of every user’s answers and test results. The records will be stored for compliance traceability within a secure database only designated personnel can access. Within the database, each user is identified by a nondescript ID label to help keep their information confidential.

Health and Temperature Screening in Chicago

In the wake of these unprecedented times, we at SMG Security are proud to do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19 by helping businesses improve their screening procedures. If you are interested in hearing more about streamlined and cost-effective temperature screening in Chicago, reach out to us today for more information.

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