Business Security Systems – Why CCTV is So Vital Today

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A professionally installed Closed-Circuit Television system (CCTV) in your business provides security for both employees and customers. The heart of the system is a network of television cameras strategically located throughout the premises. These provide maximum protection by allowing business owners, managers, and security personnel to constantly monitor all areas of the business.


Despite this obvious benefit, some business owners remain hesitant, wondering if CCTV monitoring is really necessary and worth the expenditure. At SMG Security we believe any business, large or small, can benefit from CCTV monitoring. Here are 6 reasons for you to seriously consider investing in a CCTV system.



1. Crime Prevention


All business owners want protection from criminals, and a CCTV system provides an excellent safeguard. In addition to constant surveillance, CCTV acts as a strong criminal deterrent. Criminals don’t like video surveillance, and the mere presence of an outdoor camera is often enough to stop them. Further, if criminal activity does occur, employees can spot it and respond quickly.


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2. Protection Against Fraudulent Insurance Claims, Along with Lower Insurance Premiums


The constant monitoring of your business helps protect against fraudulent insurance claims. Surveillance of all areas of your business makes it easy to determine if an insurance claim is genuine or fraudulent. For good measure, insurance companies frequently offer greatly reduced premiums to companies using CCTV monitoring.



3. Inventory Control


Inventory is vital to most businesses, and if it’s damaged or stolen, the business suffers. Strategically located surveillance cameras and motion detectors can protect your business and greatly reduce the risk of damage or theft of inventory.



4. Employee Honesty and Security


CCTV monitoring can discourage bad behavior, such as theft, bullying, or sexual harassment, by your employees. If an accusation is made, video verification of employees’ activities can help determine the proper resolution of the issue.



5. Constant, Fool-proof Protection


A high quality CCTV monitoring system provides complete coverage of your business, getting rid of all blind spots. The risk of human error caused by distracted employees is also greatly reduced by CCTV monitoring.



6. Customer Confidence and Security


CCTV monitoring gives customers a sense of safety and security, and those feelings increase their trust and confidence in your business.



The Company for All Your Security Needs


At SMG Security, we take pride in our business security solutions. We provide custom security systems, professional monitoring, and outstanding customer service in Elk Grove Village and surrounding communities. If you have a small business or a major corporation, a CCTV monitoring system will benefit your company in many ways, and we urge you not to delay. Contact SMG Security for a free estimate, and give us the opportunity to improve your company’s security.

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