Business Security Systems and Integrated Security

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It would be safe to say that in today’s world, everyone recognizes the need for business security. And it’s rare for a business not to have some kind of security system in place. Unfortunately, security all too often is limited to some form of access control and a security camera or two. That limited approach to security might suffice for very small businesses but would be totally insufficient for larger concerns that operate multiple, complex facilities.


For today’s multi-million and multi-billion-dollar concerns, nothing short of an integrated security system is sufficient.


What exactly is integrated security? Simply stated, integrated security involves taking all of the components of your previous security system and bringing them together into one, easily accessed hub. This process makes your security system easier to manage while also providing a much higher level of protection for your business.




Components of an Integrated Security System


A modern integrated security system may include some combination of the following components.

  • Access control systems
  • Intrusion detection and burglar alarms
  • Video surveillance and analytics
  • Reports on users and building access
  • Remote control and access via smartphone
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) for inventory control and loss prevention
  • Central monitoring



Benefits of Integrated Security


Some of the many benefits of an integrated security system would include the following.

  • Ease of management – With an integrated security system, everything is in one place. That means you don’t have to jump from system to system to monitor an incident or make a report.
  • Greater efficiency – One example of greater efficiency, among many, would be attaching a programmable thermostat to your system. That, in turn, could make your HVAC system more efficient and lower utility bills by warning about things like doors and windows left open.
  • Improved crime prevention – In many different ways, an integrated security system can be a deterrent to crime. For example, video cameras that are part of your system can assist with access control, preventing unauthorized entry by those who are likely to commit a crime. Equipped with motion sensors, they can also detect and record any suspicious activity taking place during off-hours. And if a crime does occur, the system can provide invaluable information to law enforcement authorities.



Benefits of Business Security Systems & Integrated Security


  • False claim protection – A false claim for compensation leveled by a disgruntled former employee or unhappy customer can be extremely costly to your business and sometimes difficult to disprove. With an integrated security system, however, you’re much better prepared to defend yourself. Extensive video coverage, for example, might help you prove an incident never occurred the way it was described in the complaint leveled at you.



SMG Partners with Genetec


A crucial fact to keep in mind is that theft costs American businesses in excess of $100 billion annually. An integrated security system can help guard your enterprise against these kinds of losses.

SMG Security has recently partnered with Genetec to provide the latest, state-of-the-art, commercial alarm systems in Elk Grove Village and other areas throughout Chicagoland. We realize that each commercial security system is unique. With our partners at Genetec, however, we can customize a security system that meets your particular needs. And all our systems are reliable, cost effective, and backed by professional monitoring and superior customer service.

At SMG, we’re only a phone call away, and we urge you not to hesitate. Contact us and let us provide your business with the very best integrated security system available today!

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