Central Station Services

SMG Security Systems operates our own UL approved Central Station.

Unlike most other alarm companies that subcontract their services, SMG Security Systems has full control of your system with our central station, cutting out the middleman altogether. Why would you put your trust into a company to protect your property, family, and possessions, but then sub out one of the most important aspects of the system—the monitoring? We solved this problem because at SMG Security Systems we are always watching over those who watch over you.

Offered Services

There are many different alarms that serve different purposes and at SMG Security, we can monitor the following services:

  • Burglar Alarms: Burglar Alarms: Burglar alarms in Chicago have sensors that can detect a breaking in or when there is an intruder. Some include a motion detector that can identify changes in position within specific areas. The alarm sensors are connected to a central unit that works by sending out a signal in case of an intrusion. 
  • Fire Alarms: This is a device that makes a loud noise to give warning of a fire. If the detector detects smoke, heat, or broken glass, then the alarm sounders operate to warn others in the home, telling everyone to evacuate because there may be a fire. 
  • Medical Alert Alarms: This system is designed to signal the presence of a hazard requiring urgent attention, as well as to summon emergency medical personnel. These work with a wireless pendant or transmitter that, in case of an emergency, is activated and sent to the monitoring company’s central station. The medical personnel is dispatched to the site of the activated alarm.
  • Panic/Hold Up Alarms: A residential panic alarm is an audible alarm that’s generated by the manual activation of a device. It’s intended to alert the monitoring company that a life-threatening or emergency situation is taking place. A hold-up monitoring alarm is an invaluable button that protects employees or residents in an emergency situation. It is used to notify authorities that a potentially dangerous situation is happening.
  • Alarm.com Radio Monitoring: Alarm.com is trusted by more than 5 million people for home and business protection. Learn more about how we work with Alarm.com and access radio monitoring.

Home Alerts

Protect your home with interactive services with SMG Security. You can receive text messages and/or email alerts when there’s any activity from your home that you want to be aware of—for example, your burglar alarm being set off in Chicago. Feel free to call our central station at any time of the day or night and we will get your questions or concerns answered.

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