3 Ways to Prevent Motor Vehicle Theft from Your Lot

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With the prices of new and used cars, along with auto parts, skyrocketing, motor vehicle theft is becoming an increasingly severe problem in all areas of the country, including Illinois. In fact, Illinois ranks 8th in the nation for vehicle theft.

Police department data from across the state reports well over 21,000 stolen vehicles, which makes the motor vehicle theft rate astronomically high.

A new car sits underneath a parking lot light.

Theft Prevention

If you’re in either the new or used car business, your inventory is your lifeblood, and to help you protect your precious resources, we offer these three tips to prevent motor vehicle theft from your lot.

1. Have an end-of-day closing routine that applies to everyone, no exceptions!

Every department at your place of business should have a definite closing routine. That means the parts department, for example, locks up all inventory, the service department secures all tools and equipment, and the office staff locks up all cash. Sales should make sure all keys and license plates are accounted for. Out on the lot, all vehicles are not only locked but emergency brakes are applied and front wheels turned to the side to make it difficult to tow vehicles away.

In addition, many of today’s vehicles come with GPS tracking devices. If you have vehicles without these, consider installing tracking equipment or immobilization devices, especially on the more expensive vehicles in your inventory.

2. Make your lot as secure as possible.

One step to accomplish lot security is to have a well-lit lot where it’s impossible for thieves to work in darkness. You can also block exits with less expensive vehicles, and place those same kinds of vehicles all around the more expensive vehicles on the lot, making it much more difficult for thieves to haul them away.

3. Go high-tech with after-hours surveillance.

Few things will discourage would-be thieves more than an extensive network of high-quality surveillance cameras monitored 24/7 by security experts. Surveillance cameras throughout the premises along with a high-quality alarm system will help deter auto theft.

These products can greatly increase the chance for thieves to be identified and caught by local law enforcement. Surveillance footage can also provide valuable evidence in a stolen motor vehicle case against a thief once they’re arrested.

Theft and Burglar Alarm Monitoring in Schiller Park by SMG Securities, LLC

When it comes to theft protection and prevention surrounding your Schiller Park home, no one provides better home security than SMG Securities, LLC.

For example, providing crime-deterrent video surveillance systems for businesses has always been one of our specialties, a capability that’s been enhanced by our recent alliance with Genetec.

SMG Security is now a dealer for Genetec, the technology leader in video surveillance and security throughout the U.S. Their industry-leading technology integrates video surveillance, access control, and vehicle tracking to a new level. If you’re looking for state of the art motor vehicle theft prevention around your home or commercial lot, then look no further than our services with Genetec.

Genetec’s Security Center includes a collaborative platform enabling you to monitor and manage security using one security system on a single interface.

We’ve installed our security cameras not only in Schiller Park but throughout the Chicagoland area. With the highest quality surveillance cameras available today and 24/7 monitoring by our highly trained security staff, you just cannot get any better security than that provided by SMG Security.

Reduce motor vehicle theft and more around your home or business. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation security assessment and estimate.

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