October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

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Is your company protected against online security breaches? In 2004, October was named Cyber Security Awareness Month to highlight cyber security and its importance as threats to technology and secure data become more prevalent.


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The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) are leading efforts with government agencies to raise awareness of cyber security worldwide.


“See Yourself in Cyber”


The theme for Cyber Security Awareness Month 2022 is “See Yourself in Cyber.” This theme represents how online security efforts may seem complex, but in the end, it’s about people. This month, we’re spotlighting the “people” part of security to help educate the population about ways to keep their information safe from breaches.


Here are four easy steps you can take to keep your information safe:


  • Use Strong Passwords – use a longer, more complex password such as a passphrase
  • Enable 2-Step Verification – use your cell phone to unlock your email inbox and apps
  • Update Your Software – this will repair security holes and remove bugs
  • Recognize and Report Phishing – watch for generic messages about your account


The most important thing you can do is pay attention to your online accounts. Take basic steps to protect your data and the data of your employees, clients, and customers. Take ownership of your company’s data and ensure you have appropriate cybersecurity in place to prevent a breach or catastrophic incident.


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The team of experts at SMG Security partners with your company to deliver the solutions that will overcome current–and future–security challenges. Through decades of experience with full IT risks and security assessments, we have developed a comprehensive system that ensures your systems have the latest security updates and are as safe as possible.


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