The Importance of Commercial Fire Alarm Maintenance

Commercial fire alarm mounted on the ceiling
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A functional fire alarm system is one of the most necessary factors in keeping your building safe and compliant with legal requirements. Your system requires regular maintenance and inspections to ensure it’s up to code and working properly.


Regardless of the age and features of your system, a maintenance program is necessary to keep it running. It will also help you understand what to do if the system malfunctions. If you need help with your commercial fire alarm system in Schiller Park or the surrounding area, contact the fire safety experts at SMG Security.


Here are the most relevant reasons for scheduling regular fire alarm maintenance:


Save Lives


The most important role your fire alarm system plays in your building. The better your system works, the safer your employees and property will be.


Code Compliance


Professionals such as the ones who work at SMG Security will be able to inform you if your system meets the fire code and safety requirements.


Avoid False Alarms


False alarms are not only annoying, but they are also dangerous. If your system falsely alerts you to a fire even once, schedule maintenance immediately.


Your Alarm System Will Last Longer


A good fire alarm system should last for decades with regular maintenance.


Save Money On Insurance


If your fire alarm system is code-compliant and you have it inspected regularly, you may be eligible for special discounts.


Schedule Fire Alarm Maintenance For Your Business


If you run a business in the Chicagoland area, contact the commercial safety experts at SMG Security to inspect your fire alarm system. Our highly-qualified technicians have the expertise and experience to maintain your fire alarm system to keep it running at the highest level.


Contact SMG today at (847) 593-0999 to get the peace of mind that regular maintenance of your fire alarm system will provide.

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