Benefits Of Having A Secure Healthcare Facility

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Hospitals and healthcare facilities have a constant flow of residents, guests, and employees so it is vital that they have a safe and secure space for them to visit, get well, and do their jobs. Some of the benefits of having a security system installed in your healthcare facility include

Enhanced Safety

It is shocking to know that 70% of all occupational violence occurs in the healthcare industry. This makes it more necessary than ever to administer a variety of safety measures to protect your patients, personnel, and visitors to your facility. Having your hospital or healthcare facility monitored by our 24/7 CCTV surveillance quickly alerts security, and proper authorities, and provides video evidence to assist in investigations.

Restrict & Permit Entry

Our managed access control systems allow SMG’s security professionals to manage urgent system needs at all times including adding and deleting security cards as well as locking and unlocking doors to prevent or allow entry to specific areas of your building.

Mass Emergency Notification

All of SMG’s alarm systems are connected to our central station and when triggered, will instantly inform the alarm company monitoring your facility 24/7 so they can immediately contact the correct authorities. These systems allow for extra time to evacuate or get everyone to a safe spot during an emergency.

Healthcare Facility

How Cyber Security Can Protect Your Healthcare Facility

With all of the personal information necessary for healthcare, it isn’t surprising it is one of the most targeted industries for cybercrime. SMG Security Holdings LLC offers a variety of cyber defense solutions to protect your data from an external attack. Some of the ways better cyber security can benefit hospitals and healthcare facilities include

Enhanced Patient Privacy Protection

Without dependable cyber security, personal data such as insurance information, addresses, and even social security numbers can be accessed leaving the patients to fight with possible identity theft and the hospital to potentially face legal trouble.

Quicker Patient Care

Even a minor cyber attack can slow down the system network of a healthcare facility. Over 72% of medical providers have experienced an interruption to their work due to these network issues. When it comes to treating patients, the time lost during this delay could be the difference between life and death.

Improved Safety Operation of Medical Devices

It is scary to think that hackers have been able to find ways to disable life-saving machines or cause them to malfunction, posing a danger to the patients who need them. Increased cyber security can help prevent these vicious attacks on those who are already vulnerable.

Reduced Risk Of Medical Errors

Doctors and nurses rely on the protected healthcare information stored in their records to properly treat their patients. If a cyberattacker managed to compromise these records, there is a great chance a series of medical errors would follow. 24/7 cyber security monitoring protection can help defend these files and prevent inaccuracies.

Safer Technology Upgrades

Technology is advancing all the time, yet some healthcare facilities may be hesitant to implement new systems due to the fear of exposing vulnerabilities. Having properly monitored cyber security can allow hospitals to feel more confident to upgrade their current technology without fear of external attacks.

Custom Security Systems For Franklin Park Businesses

Simply put, dependable security systems are crucial for healthcare organizations. Whether it is protecting the safety of patients, visitors, and staff or safeguarding confidential information, SMG Security Holdings LLC is here to help.

As one of the best healthcare security companies in Franklin Park, SMG is ready to provide state-of-the-art medical professionals and patient safety.  Give us a call today to learn more about our healthcare security solutions and what we can do to help protect your patients, healthcare professionals, and facility.

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